LCO Ltd.

Limitless Community Outreach Ltd., founded by a small group of concerned citizens that believe in uplifting and advocating for the community. After two years of planning and community outreach, LCO Ltd., opened its' doors. Where we focused on outreach within the community of the Atlanta Metropolitan area. 

Limitless Community Outreach Ltd., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is based on the principle of "people helping people," represents the giving spirit of the employees of Limitless Community Outreach Ltd.

Throughout the year, the LCO Ltd., leads fundraising campaign with the goal of helping give back to the communities we serve. The staff, board and volunteers of Limitless Community Outreach Ltd., value our community and is fostered by trust, inclusion, and fairness for all. We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and offered the skills, knowledge and assistance needed to help themselves lead healthy and productive lives. 

Helping people help themselves

lead healthy and productive lives. 


Our Mission

"Helping people help themselves lead healthy and productive lives."

Limitless Community Outreach Ltd. responds to human needs by providing direct services, and by collaborating with other agencies and organizations. LCO Ltd., assists people without discrimination, and treats them with respect, integrity, and dignity. In the broadest sense, we intends to relieve pain and suffering lessen oppression, meet basic human needs, and promote justice, equality, and diversity. At the heart of every one of our social service programs lies these major principles. These principals guide our individual efforts, and inform the thousand of small decisions we make to serve our community. 

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Our Vision

LCO Ltd., programs and services are specifically designed to move families & individuals from crisis to self-sufficiency. Each of our unique services can operate independently or collectively to create a comprehensive continuum of care. 

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